Stripe Set

It is always so satisfying to use up stash yarn I must say. I’ve had this nondescript bundle of bulky super wash wool for quite sometime. It was given to me by a friend who was de-stashing. Known as the “Craft Leftovers Girl” I often get donations of leftovers from other people’s projects. It’s like Christmas all the time. Anyway, I’ve had this yarn for sometime and finally made a hat with it. I love the subtle color striping, the green in blue are so close in value and shade that at first it is hard to distinguish the two. Well, just this week, with the turn of 18 degree weather and sleet storms on the way it was high time to get the scarf made. The scarf I had been using up until now was wonderful, my grandmas had made it for my mom, but a little on the lacy side. I needed something that would keep out the wind. A nice thick fabric. I opted for a 1×1 rib. After seeing my friend knitting a scarf in a 1×1 rib I was sold. It looks like a really thick stockinette stitch, but it doesn’t roll. Fabulous!

stripe set 02
Download the pattern here.

I’m excited to say that I’ve uploaded new stuff into the shop. 17 kits and handmade gifts. Some have already sold, so make sure to check it out soon. Also if you order by the 15th, it will get to you in time for Christmas, and if you want to have it sent by priority, you can order up to the 20th, but it will cost a little extra. I have a flat rate for priority of $5. If your first class shipping cost is more than $5, I’ll refund the difference and send it by priority.

I have a bunch of stuff ready and waiting to go into the shop and will be adding new things everyday, except for Fridays which is my pattern writing crunch time. I have to work in my studio the rest of the afternoon, but will be adding more tonight before I go to bed.

Have a great week everyone and thank you also to all who bought subscriptions and items from the shop this past two weeks. It’s because of you that I am here typing on my computer at 11:43 on a Saturday and not at a real job! Granted I still work Fridays, but my weekends are devoted to you and I. Thank you!

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  1. Unable to download this weeks pattern, is the fault at your end or mine????

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