The Uploaded File Could Not Be Moved To

It’s like a wordpress kiss of death. Thankfully it’s not happening here on Craft Leftovers. Unfortunately, it is happening on the Craft Leftovers Shop I’m trying to get going. A behind the scenes work in progress for Craft Leftovers for the past 2 months or so has been integrating a shop into the site. You may have stopped by when I was testing the wp-commerce plug-in last month. I’m okay talking about it a bit now because it’s more of a “definitely will happen by November 15th” and not the “let’s see if I can do this”. 

Anyway, everything is going great and I’m playing with the final testing of things and colors. The frosting on the cake. I finally get that all done and start adding all the issue of clm as products. A very good point to be at. Then it happens. I go to upload some product images for the October issue and I get a

The uploaded file could not be moved to /home/craftlef/public_html/shop/wp-content/uploads/2009/10.

What changed? I did a ton of test posts and test products, so why was it now messing up. I’m honestly still not sure and while I thought I fixed it by trying out some of the solutions posted on ThouShallBlog, it just started doing it again. At least it’s there and not here. Absolute worst case is that I delete the whole thing and set it up again (just a few hours work because I know exactly what I want now). 

The whole thing is really strange because when I look there with Transmit (ftp client) all the files are actually there, it’s just not recognizing them for whatever reason. I’m not even sure if “recognize” is the right term, but whatever. It’s uploading them, then telling me they can’t be found in that directory. Annoying. 

I’ve been trying to spend no more than a half hour a day on the new shop, so my time is up and I’ll take another wack at it tomorrow. Any ideas in the meantime? 

Oh, that’s awesome. It’s doing it here too. Thankfully, on here, I can just use flickr to import photos, but for the shop I have to be able to upload product shots. The homepage just won’t be updated until we get it fixed. 

In better news I have plans on knitting tonight (on the sweater I posted about earlier today) and going to a grant writing workshop. It should be a pleasant evening. 

Happy crafting and blogging!