De-Stash: Attempt 3405

Okay, so maybe not my three thousand, four hundred and fifth time attempting to de-stash, but it sure does feel like it! I swear, a few times a year I really get fired up about it, then fall a little short of where I had hoped on the de-stashing success scale. Okay, fall a lot short.

Anyway, I’ve gone through my studio and house and made a HUGE pile of craft books, supplies, and misc thing-a-ma-jigs that will be added to ebay. I’ve opted for ebay vs my own shop for this stuff because I really just want to get shipping covered, but if some bidding happens and I can put a little extra money in the savings account — or on my students loans — I am in no way opposed.

Today I listed two exciting things I think you may take a fancy too… well if you fancy needle felting and vintage craft things.

Listing for Lot of Needle Felting Supplies: This has everything to get started needle felting, including a super cute Japanese Needle Felting book called Animal Mascots.

Listing for Electric Scissors on Ebay: These are pretty awesome, buuuuuut I’ve decided to let it go… reluctantly, but here we go. I want them to find a home where someone will appreciate them instead of leave them in a craft box.

Well, there it is. I’m hoping to max out my 50 free ebay listings a month over until everything is sold off. I’m going to do a mix of lots of yarn, books, and individual items. New, used, and vintage things will be for sale. And even some random housewares.

Happy Bidding!