All of the corrections for patterns are added to this page as they are brought to my attention. If you find an error, please email me at kristin[at]craftleftovers[dot]com and I will fix it asap.

Fall Knit Head Wrap – pdf download fixed 12/05/07 – math errors on the increase, decrease and button row, geeze.

Lady Moss Mittens – pdf download fixed 12/06/07 – thumb gusset error, clarification on how chart is worked around gusset. 01/24/09 – more thumb gusset errors/clarification + decrease error + error on chart. All fixed and ready to download.

Cherry Chirp – Fixed! Updated 01/05/09

Scrubby Bumpy Facecloth (crocheted) – updated 01/07/09 – Foundation chain should be “Chain 27” not 37! It was a typo that made it HUGE if you did a full square that size!

Coffee Sweater – updated 01/11/09 – Ingredients should read 10g sport weight wool of each color A
and B. Pattern is now corrected and updated.
updated 01/19/09 – There were errors large and small on every row, it’s now all corrected and the new version is available.

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