DIY Popcorn Garland!

DSC_0007 I love garlands. I think they are one of my favorite Christmas decorations. And my favorite type is a popcorn garland! There are so many variations that you can make:
Popcorn only
Spaced with beads
Spaced with nut shells (acorns is what I used)
Junkmail beads
Felt beads
Cloth beads
Pine Cones
Cloth scraps
The sky is really the limit with combinations. Popcorn is just a really great thing to strand in between all sorts of little sparkly or fibery goodies.


I used a two yard strand of heavy duty thread and a really thin embroidery needle.

I started by threading a big round glass bead on to the bottom and tying it in place. Then stranded 8 popped popcorn. 2 beads, an acorn, 2 more beads, then 18 popcorn pieces. Then repeat to the end and finish up with another big bead tied to the end.


Now here is a trick with popcorn garlands. Firstly, use plan kernels popped in a light oil like olive oil. Secondly, no salt or seasoning. When I pop popcorn. I put a few hand fulls in the bottom of the saucepan until there is one layer of kernels in the bottom. Then I pour just enough olive oil in so all the kernels are coated. You might need to swirl it around a bit to get them all coated. Turn the heat to medium high and let heat up until it starts popping rapidly. Give it a shake and then another. Keep shaking every few seconds until the popping stops and then put into a big bowl immediately. If you don’t they will continue to cook and then burn, blah to burnt popcorn.

The second thing is threading. Not all the popcorn you pop will be perfect for your garland. Pieces that have too much shell in them are no good… CHOMP…. a nice treat though. Same thing for ones that butterfly out when they pop… CHOMP… yummy! Maybe this is why this is my favorite garland. Because it’s a nice project and snack all in one!

Anyway, enough snacking, find the ones that have a nice thick center and slowly pierce through the thickest point. Sometimes it holds great, sometimes it will snap in half. No worries though, CHOMP. You get a reward for messing them up, haha. Best project ever!

There was a great round up of diy garlands on Apartment Therapy and then I saw this YouTube video on making a garland out of neck ties, sweet! Both worth a look and a watch.


Just to give you a heads up, I have an excess of Christmas posts I want to try to get out. Short how to’s and mini patterns to share, so I’m going to try to post a few each week to work them all in before Christmas and in time for you to make the projects too!

I’ll see you all tomorrow!


7 thoughts on “DIY Popcorn Garland!

  1. :) I LOVE popcorn garland!!! We always let ours sit out for a day so it is a bit stale and less likely to snap ;), but then you don’t get the yummy reward for messing up (blah to stale popcorn to eat) lol :D I never thought to put bead and such in between! That is an even better idea than just “plain old popcorn garland!” :) Thanks for the post!

  2. We put up my sister’s tree last Friday, and I was trying to convince her we needed to make a popcorn garland, because it looked a bit sparse. However, she was convinced her dog would be all over it like a giant holiday milk bone. Sigh.

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