Host Tote

I was in a bind. I wanted to do a knitting pattern, but the one I was working on was taking too long. There was no way I was going to get it finished in time. So I asked my friend Andrea if she could think of anything and immediately she had something. I could see it in her eyes. And did she ever! The perfect little tote to give a gift to a host in, or a friend, or whomever. It knits up fast and uses fabric as yarn. You can stuff it with dish cloths (the perfect dishcloth works well), or make it taller and slip in a bottle of wine. Thank you Andrea for a great pattern idea!

Edited in: I was just thinking today that this would look pretty cool if it was done with recycled silk too. I can’t see it taking more than one skein either, so if you don’t have scraps of fabric on had, that would work great too!

Download the pattern in pdf here.

Updates: You rock! I mean wow! I received a bunch of emails and what great comments. I now have a group of pattern testers who are willing and to try things out. I still need more, so if you are interested shoot me an email at with “pattern tester” in the comments field.

Thanks to some great feedback, the H2O Slinger pattern is corrected and good to go.

I also added a bunch of new stuff to the shop. Kits, items, new stuff, already seen stuff, go check it out and see for yourself.

I am also going to work on adding all of the previous patterns to lulu, so they will all be available in pdfs.

I might have some really great news, but until it’s finalized, I’m going to hold off telling you.

I think that’s it. Have a great week!