How to: Make a Clothspin Bag out of Curtain

Inspired by my newly restrung clothesline holder, I made my own clothes pin bag. Start to finish this project took about 20 minutes – and that’s with the figuring out part too!


I love the fabric I used for this bag, it’s a vintage drape circa 1970. It’s a thick woven cotton and I’ve been holding on to it for three years now. I keep turning to it every time I go to make a project and just hadn’t found the “right” project for it. The texture of the fabric and the stripes limit it to a certain type of item.

When I went to make this clothespin bag I went through the piles of leftovers and stash and this time, when I put my hand on this particular piece, I knew the time had come to snip into it. The perfect project for this perfect fabric! Here’s how I made it:

clothespinbag01 copy

1 drape or curtain with curtain rod channel intact
1 metal wire hanger

Sewing machine
Iron (press your fabric before working with it if it’s a wrinkled mess)
Sewing needle and thread for a little hand stitching
Bolt cutters or needle nose pliers and loads of elbow grease

clothespinbag02 copy



And that’s it, you are all set! Fill it with clothespins – I found that 100 is a nice number to have and that will cost you about $4.

Now go enjoy using that solar energy and save yourself some money.

Happy crafting!


12 thoughts on “How to: Make a Clothspin Bag out of Curtain

  1. i find it odd that people wouldnt automatically hang their clothes out to dry… i guess its a cultural thing, we always peg out in Scotland! but i do like your peg bag, exactly what i need… all the ones i've had have been so fiddly

  2. Super idea! I will definitely try it))))) I live all these handmade things)) they make everything around more cosy))))

  3. I agree with clairdalby below. My mother and I have always hung out our clothes. We live on a farm, so there are no dumb covenants that prohibit such things from one side of their mouths and tell us we must be more eco-aware from the other side. Sure, I have a dryer in case it rains (I do the laundry on the weekends since I work outside the home during the week) or if it is the dead of winter, but otherwise, all is hung out. We need more people to understand that this is an important part of beginning to use much less energy.

  4. Being a short person with a tall clothesline, I found it tiring to get the clothespins out of the almost-empty bag. I made a deep pocket waist apron to hold my clothespins and it works beautifully.

  5. That is way cute! I love those drapes too- the stripes are great! Thanks so much for the fun project, I'll be linking.

  6. I had been thinking about making one of these so so thanks for taking all the hassle out of it.

  7. I had been thinking about making one of these so so thanks for taking all the hassle out of it.

  8. What a great bag!!! Have been wanting to make one but didn’t find one I liked.  Will make it now to be ready for the Spring….right now the clothes would only freeze on the line!!! LOL!  In the meantime, after I make it, it can be used as a great decor in my new laundry room!

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