Mini Knits


After seeing Little Cotton Rabbit’s Free Patterns newest pattern for teeny tiny knitted critters on Whip Up,I just couldn’t resist sharing it with you as well as some of my other favorite tiny knit patterns!

First off, I have never seen Little Cotton Rabbit’s Free Pattern blog and I am so glad I found it! Not only do I have a special place in my heart of hearts for all thing miniature, but all the patterns are free (as the title states). She also sells some of her hand knit plushies in her etsy shop (she’s on vacation for the summer right now though, so remember to check back in the fall).

Then there is also two knitty patterns, this one was the first project I ever made off knitty. I also think this is good for any kiddo’s stocking stuffer.

And for little felted critters I love Crafty Alien’s patterns! They are so cute!

Do any of you have some good links to other tiny knit creature patterns? If you do share them please, I am always on the prowl for good tiny patterns.

Don’t forget to go get yourself a Craft Leftovers Monthly Subscription from the shop :) Check out yesterday’s post for discount codes.

Have a Happy Monday! Go make stuff and have fun!


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  1. Oh, these are so adorable! They’re so small that maybe I could actually make one…. but probably not :)

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