Paper Strip Tutorial: Lucky Stars

With every sale of Craft Leftovers Monthly, I get 10 paper strips – each measuring 3/4×11″ long. Being the way I am, I have a pretty hard time just dumping them into the recycling bin. They are just so full of potential: potential for weaving, breaking it down into paper pulp, food for worms, fodder for the compost, and strip origami!

I’m perpetually on the look out for new ways to use this unending supply of paper strips. I’ve woven them into baskets, I’ve made them into coasters, I’ve fed them to my worms (great little composting monsters), and, most recently, I’ve started casually folding them into little mini lucky stars.

Here’s how.

Materials needed:

paper strips – 1/2 X 11″
Optionally: a little glitter, some paint, markers to fancy them up.

Paper Tutorial: Lucky Stars from Kristin Roach on Vimeo.

Happy crafting!

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