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Pinch of Tea!

Well, it’s only 6:30pm on Friday and I have the pattern done! woot! Sorry about last week, it won’t happen again… well, no promises, but I will try my best.

Anyway, this week’s pattern is a nice little tea bag that you can reuse. I just love tea…. love it. But I’m not too fond of tea bags. They just seem so wasteful to me. Unfortunately, as on the go as I am, they are sometimes the best option for my travel mug. A solution was needed and these little reusable cloth tea bags were the perfect answer to my problem.

Here is a recipe for a good cup of tea:
Use 1 Tsp of tea per 6oz of water.
Bring water to boil. Then cool to 175 degrees.
Pour water over leaves. Steep for 3 mins.
Remove tea bag and enjoy!

Have a crafty week! See you next time!

Edited in: I’ve been asked several times this week “well how do wash these little guys?” so I figured it would be best just to answer everyone here. There are two different ways. If you have the time, or two of them, hang them to dry. When they are dry, just turn them inside out over the compost, trash, or disposal and all the tea leaves will come out no problem. You may wish to then hand wash with a little warm water once you have all the tea leaves out. The second way is if you are in a hurry or don’t have a place to hang them where they drip to their hearts content. It’s basically the same way: just turn inside out over the compost, trash, or disposal and then rinse with warm water to get the remaining leaves off.

I hope that helps! And thanks everyone for you super nice comments and all your questions!