Sweater Mouse

I have a mountain of felted sweaters that I have collected from my work. For whatever reason, people don’t understand that we really can’t resell them for two reasons, it’s summer… and they are felted. But all the better for me because I get to take them home and find a use for them (when they have indicated that any thing we don’t take can go elsewhere and not back to them). The brown one is actually my own sweater washing mishap, and the pink one is an unfortunate angora sweater that came my way though the shop. I’m going to miss working there when I move, it’s my greatest resource.

Anyway, what makes these little mice so great is that they bottom is a flap with a hole that the tail goes though. The catnip is in a separate pouch that can be changed out when it starts to loose it’s scent.

Download the pdf here.

+++I’m going to announce the contest on Monday as well as some other fun stuff so check back then.
+++I did manage to get 4 new travel tissue covers in the shop so make sure to take a look, they make great little gifts. More shop updates on Monday as well. Hopefully some fun stuff you will all like.
+++Mr B is doing better, and I’m doing my best to make him comfortable, including feeding him this fancy duck soup for ferrets stuff. He seems to love it and has started eating his other regular food too.

3 thoughts on “Sweater Mouse

  1. I am so sorry to hear about the health problems with your ferrets. I’m an animal lover myself and have adored all my furry family members from hamsters to dogs. I know how hard it is when they get sick and I cried when they passed away. It doesn’t matter what their size, they do find a way into our hearts. I wish Mr. B all the best and hope that he makes a full recovery!

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