Apartment Redress: Woven Scrap Pillow


I’m excited about this project. It’s such a great way to use up scraps – this whole pile was from my “end run” type pieces. And then there is also the fact that it’s the first push towards re-doing the living room area… one area I have yet to tackle. Next step, slip cover! Well… maybe… not exactly a “craft leftovers” project because I’m going to go ahead and just order the fabric for it (slip covers are huge). In the spirit of redress, I thought it might be a project that you would be interested in reading about. And posting about it will help me to keep checking in with you and finish it. But for this week, I’m checking in on the pillow project!

Unfortunately a lot of my fabric scraps wouldn’t go the full length of my pillow forms. I think the best way to convert all these scraps into a large pillow is to weave the fabric strip into 2 panels, then make them into larger, log cabin-style squares for the pillows.

Phase 1 of the woven pillows for the couch is finished up. I went through a bunch of fabric scraps and sliced them into 1/4″ – 1″ strips.

I took a big piece of cardboard and cut 1/4″ notches in it along both ends. I’ll warp it tomorrow with either some left over warp from my weaving or some #10 crochet thread. Then I’ll be all set to start weaving!

See you all soon!
Happy Crafting!

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