One Box at a Time

That’s right, I’m showing you a picture of how my fabric should look. It’s so bad I’m not even going to show you the current chaos. Think of the worst your stash has ever looked. Then imagine your whole house looking that way. That’s how it was after the wedding.

Whoops. I think my studio exploded. Or at least that’s the way it looks. If you’ve been hanging in there with my random postings over the last 18 months, you may remember posts about my “craft supply room” aka the tile room and how I’d been making progress getting it cleaned up. Well, when the wedding came around, that little room turned into an exploded pile of everything that needed to be hidden away from upstairs. This included, but is not limited to: a computer desk, tower speakers, piles of wedding craft stuff, ames stuff, files, office supplies, random randomness.

I started to have a bit of a panic attack this morning when I turned to face it after getting back from vacation. There was disgust. Anger. Frustration. Sadness. And then inspiration to make it better.

Instead of trying to get the whole thing done in one day, I’ve opted to just do a couple of boxes at a time. I would like to have some kind of sense made out of it by the end of the weekend so I can get cracking on Renegade production. I do need a place to assemble all those zines after all.

I surprised myself how much I was able to get done in just one hour. I thought I would maybe get through one box of stuff. Instead I made it through about a dozen. Quickly sorting into piles:

  • Trash
  • Other part of the house
  • Art and Craft supplies
  • Art and Craft tools
  • Ames stuff
  • Office stuff
  • To be filed
  • To be donated

So far trash has been the largest pile. It’s weird how boxes, papers, packaging from purchased stuff just piles up.

While I don’t expect it to be Martha Stewart level of ocd crafty closet bliss, I do now think it will be a usable organized space by next Monday, which is very promising.

How’s your holiday crafting prep coming? Are you getting organized so you have a bit of space to work in?

Happy Crafting!
Kristin Roach