Wardrobe Redress: Making Shirts + Using up Stash


This is going to end up being a 100 part series or something. I’m not sure what it is about this particular set of shirts, but I keep getting stuck on them. Thankfully, a friend of mine from the Sew ‘n’ Swap Judy, had a brilliant idea. Lining for the lining!

Here was the issue. I had bought this interfacing so I could finish up this shirt dress jumper deal, but it was pretty uncomfortable looking. I couldn’t imagine wearing it against my skin.

This is where the creative, awesome, more talented and more experienced seamstress, Judy stepped in. “Why don’t you just line it with that old shirt there?” It was an extra large, extra soft blouse that had already been partially used for sewing. Hmm, why not indeed! It was perfect. It fixed my scratchy interfacing issue AND used up some of the shirt that had been haunting my stash for over a year.


I’m hoping I can get this little number sewn up soon. There are a lot of non-sewing related things going on lately that need to some first. I sure do miss my normal crafting binges. I am just about to start painting the mural here in Ames. All the coordination, planning, and city hoop-jumping is taking up too much of my time. I can’t wait to be post-mural. :) Or at least I want the painting to start…that’s the fun part!

That’s the wonderful thing about Craft Leftovers. It gets me to keep working on these projects. I know if I keep checking back with all of you on this freaking shirt it will eventually get done. Then we can all celebrate the long road called “creative process.” Haha.

Do you have any projects sitting on the back burner while you figure out what to do next? Figuring out the next step is usually what puts my projects into solitary confinement.

Happy sewing!

:: Kristin Roach ::