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Sleepy Ferret Hammock :: Free Sewing Pattern!

Sponsor Mr Beuler Ferrets are cute and cuddly, mischievous, and above all else: sleepers! They sleep for about 16 hours a day and are only awake for 8 hours – and that’s when they are young. Beuler – my old man ferret whose 6 now – is only awake for 2 -4 hours each day. It’s important that they have good places to sleep during those long hours. They will curl up just about anywhere, but hammocks are great because they keep the light out, are soft, warm, and good for snuggling in.


Craft Leftovers Challenge + Charity!

This month’s Craft Leftovers Monthly I wrote an article about Springing into Action and how charity knitting/crochet/sewing is a great way to make an impact in people’s lives who are having a hard time, make a dent in your stash, and in general feel better about yourself. The original plan […]