Drawing your life and 75 ways to draw more!

This is a great little zine on drawing I came across. I think on The Art of Nonconformity. It’s called 75 Ways to Draw More and was made by Michael Nobbs.

The really great thing about this, besides it’s fun content and illustrations, is that you can either purchase it (there are just 3 copies left that are signed and dated by the artist) or you can go to Michael Nobbs’ flickr set and download each page, print, and put it together yourself for free! How sweet is that? Pretty sweet I would have to say.

Oh and there is also a special offer and a contest and a flickr group! All links and information as well as how to get your hands on the zine are posted on his blog here.

Michael Nobbs just put out another great sketch inspiring zine called Start to Draw Your Life. Here is what he says about the zine:

Start to Draw Your Life is a quick-start guide to set you on the road to what could be a life-long drawing journey.

Download and make your own copy of the booklet by following these instructions or order one the limited edition copies here.

You can get all the facts here on his blog.


I’m going to mix thing up a bit this week and post a re-release pattern since I was absent on Friday. I had a an exciting and overwhelming response to this months Craft Leftovers Monthly. Because of the huge amount of orders I was not able to make the saturday drop off time as planned. It’s all good though, it got in the mail today and they should be well on their way.

I also just got some unexpected, exciting news today from a magazine publisher. A crunch deadline, but I’m excited all the same. All I can say is that it involves yarn. Because of the short deadline things might get a little crazy around here.  Do any of you want to write a guest post? It would be really helpful to have one a week for the next 5 weeks. Not even just a project, book reviews, articles about a topic of interest to you. Anything that you think is “Craft Leftovers”. What about a write up on your local yarn shop? Email me at kristin [at] craftleftovers[dot] com if you are intersted.

Okay. I’m going to clean up around here, do some laundry and take it easy. It’s been a long weekend – I do love it though :)

Best wishes and happy crafting!


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