Mail Day! Goodies to watch for in the Mail!

I am such a sucker for mail of any kind, but when it’s as neat and well put together as these two zines, well… I don’t know how to end that sentence, I guess I’m speechless? Love them! Love mail!

Swapping is a load of fun and in exchange for winter issues of clm, I received the newest mixtape and Post Script! While very different at first look, they both embody the love of the little things in life and a good dash of resourceful crafting.


Post Script is written, illustrated, and assembled by Su Mwamba in the UK. She continually puts out zines that stun and amaze me. Each one is hand stitched and made from recycled paper. Her imagination is the limit when it comes to assembly and binding. Let me tell you, her imagination is vast! This zine holds many ways to make your own self mailers, instructions for how this zine was bound and sent, post card templates, stories about mail art experiments, book reviews, and a profile of another mail artist Lucy Jane Batchlor.





You can pick up your own copy of Post Script in Tangle Crafts Etsy Shop. She only makes a certain amount and when they are gone they are gone. So go. Get. Buy one right now. No wait! Read about mixtape first! Another must have zine :)


Justine Telfer and I started swapping zines a few months ago and it has been such a treat to see her zine grow in size just about every time a new one comes to my mailbox. From half sheet size to 8.25×8.25.” I love it’s new square format! This issue has so many great articles on it.


I’m particularly fond of the recycled plastic,


penny quilt,


signs + Elvis,


and music reviews.


But my absolute favorite is the center spread, color-it-in page by Aunty Cookie! I love coloring and I also love Aunty Cookie’s Illustrations! The perfect combo!

You can pick up your own copy of mixtape in the mixtape shop. You all can get subscriptions, no matter where in the world you live!

Okay, now go. Get. Go buy them both :)

Happy crafting and happy Monday! I love when the week starts out with a good mail day!

2 thoughts on “Mail Day! Goodies to watch for in the Mail!

  1. You’ve got a really sweet blog going here. I hope I’m not cluttering it up by asking some silly questions. What is a Zine and what is published in them? Are they handmade and is all the content generated by the maker?

    Thanks for getting back to me!

  2. Oooh… the new mix tape! You remind me I still need to get it. :-)

    And I love Su’s work, as well! I have one of her zine on making buttons and I’m defenetely planning on getting more of her work for 2010. :-)

    Power to the zines!

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