12 Days of Christmas: Free Advent Calendar


I had so much fun making this little advent calendar. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to make one until Monday! So now you need to get on it and make one today to have it ready to tomorrow ;)

It’s a really fun project to do with a friend or your kiddos too. You simply  print it out onto card stock and then color it in with colored pencils. If you want to add in your own pictures, you can use the interior window free version and draw in your own Christmas crafty pictures. You can also insert photos of you and your loved ones. How every you decide to fill in the windows, it’s a load of fun.


I made the window boxes 1/4″ deep which will hold a variety of fun candies. I’m going to head over to Chocolaterie Stam and have the ladies there fill my box with chocolate covered lemon peel, European licorice, and then mangerie chocolates–maybe some chocolate covered almonds and espresso beans too. I made mine with that in mind. So each box will fit 2 of each candy. Each day Jason and I will get a little treat and we won’t have to share :P

So all you do is print out one each of the fronts, the back, and the window boxes. Cut on the solid lines, score and fold on the dotted lines. Glue the tabs in place with hot glue. I cut around the windows on 3 sides and scored on the “hinge” side.

Here are some tips on how I put mine together:

:: I would color your front before cutting it out. It just makes it easier and less likely to tear.

:: Cut the window flaps, then glue the window boxes to the back side of the front.

:: Oh and remember to glue the front over the back and not the other way around.

:: Fill with your favorite treats and close the fronts up.

:: I secured the flaps in place with just a touch of hot glue. I put some hot glue on a plate and used a toothpick to get just a small dab. Rubbed it on the cut edge of the window flap and held it in place. It will open again really easy this way, but will stay shut until it’s time. No chocolates falling out of your advent calendar please :)

Have a great weekend and happy crafting!

6 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas: Free Advent Calendar

  1. Oh I *love* this! What a fun idea. I would love to do this with girlfriends over coffee. I’ll be linking.

  2. Such a great idea.  Thanks for all of your crafts.  I enjoy making the wreaths out of garbage or plastic bags.  This is one of my favorites.

  3. I thought this would be cute to make. I am going to incorporate some old xmas cards for the windows.May even make this a craft to make every year and will have a collection of them in a few years and the memories with the grand kids will overflow when I look at them when they helped color them. thanks for a great idea.

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