Mix Tape::Vol 10!


I am having such a Mix Tape Crush lately. I was lucky enough to get the last 3 issues of Mixed Tape in the last few weeks, the most recent being Vol 10 just yesterday afternoon. I love that it’s all about the little bits in life – or as it is so perfectly put on the website “Making time for the small things”.


Although the article on Roller Derby in Issue 8 was pretty hard to beat, the “Confessions of a Waldorf Doll Maker” struck a personal cord being that we have a large community of Waldorf parents in central Iowa.




Not to mention the frank statement of  “Ethically-Challenged Corporations”. Sometimes I get a little tired of hearing how “green” everyone is. Who are the jerks messing it up for the rest of us? Well, this article will clue you in. And even gives you the sources to conduct research on the shopping choices you are making.


There are also a variety of articles and tutorials on other topics – like a green thimble necklace, gardening, and book reviews. 

From the standpoint of someone making their own zine, this publication gives me hope; something I can aspire to: beautiful design, a complete lack of misspellings, brilliant photography, and inspired art. Truly a mix of everything I love, I’ve devoured all the issues I’ve received so far and can not wait to get the next one in my hot little hands.

Go get yourself a copy of Mix Tape today! DO IT! Okay, I actually didn’t mean to use caps lock there, a slip of the thumb? oh, that’s bad. Because of or in spite of my caps yelling and bad pun, I hope you choose to pick up an issue of Mix Tape for yourself and a friend. {link} It will be worth your while to do so. Promise. :)


Things are getting a little pushed back because Jason and I are doing a huge “make in bulk to freeze” project tomorrow and I wanted to post about that for the Thrift Kitchen Post. The burrito making marathon will be worth it. I’m going to post a project on Saturday or late Friday night too – you will love it I just know it! … think what pc could stand for. If you guess, you get a prize. That’s what the project will be made with. 

I think I’m pretty much “finished” with the site redress. What do you think? There are still some goofy little things going on. If you notice something that looks weird or is hard to navigate, send me an email at kristin {at} craftleftovers {dot} com.