Submissions and Contributions

I just finished adding all the info on the sub-pages and I have two great additions to the site! I split the old “support cl” page which was long and burdensome. It is now divided into two:


You can contribute in two easy ways. If you have a website/shop/blog you are working to grow, become a sponsor of Craft Leftovers to help spread the word about your project.

You can send needed supplies (thread, needles, tape, glue, etc – full list on the page) and Your leftovers craft supplies.


I am now officially accepting submissions for Craft Leftovers Monthly. The

deadline for October

is coming up quickly because I am working ahead – September 10th. If you have something already finished and think it would fit with the theme of outdoor crafts send me an email describing your project.

The proposal deadline for

the Holiday issue

is September 15th because it is due for printing October 1st (I will officially be 1 1/2 months ahead!) I am specifically looking for someone to write a tutorial on a holiday spa gift (think bath bomb, handmade soap, etc) I will couple this with a spa cloth pattern. Any other ideas are welcome, please send me your ideas by September 15th. If you need supplies I will send them to you.


will be all about entertaining and hospitality, proposals will be due October 1st. Not specifically thanks giving, but infused with the idea of spending time with the people you care about, united states history, and bringing people into your home – or being a guest at someone else’s.


theme is relationships, friendship, early spring, with a dash of valentine. The proposal deadline is November 1st – I will be working a full 3 months ahead by this issue.

You can also submit work for the website.

Tutorials, patterns, reviews, interviews, articles. Your imagination is the limit. You will receive a sponsor spot for the week your post is published!

Email me at kristin {at} craftleftovers {dot} com.

Craft Leftovers Monthly

I updated the page for Craft Leftovers Monthly so all the prices and dates and info are current. There will be a big transition coming soon. Starting with the holiday issue, Craft Leftovers Monthly will be printed on 30% recycled paper, 6 month and year subscriptions will be offered for the zine, kits will become an add on, and I am moving on up to a larger format! 32 pages and 5″ X 7″! If you would like to be added to the reviewer’s list, please contact me with you and your website’s information. I will be sending out review copies and subscription information in early October to be reviewed in early November. I’m excited. This is a huge step up for me!

Also, if you have not had a chance to check out the homepage, go to and give it a look. I love the new slider and the twitter feed.

I have some other things to post about soon, but that will happen later tonight. I just got an issue of Mix Tape in the mail and want to share it with you. It is everything I aspire to. — edited in, I forgot it in the car and Jason went back to the office, I’ll post it in the morning once I can snap some photos —