Su Mwamba: Delicious zines in my mailbox!



This beautiful tiny zine is, literally, the size of a match box. The introduction and then the history of the Borrowers with a cute little accompanying magnifying glass. You will need it.



This zine is all about post. I love getting mail and mail art is even better. The page above is an adventure in sending woven tapestry. A great story. Plus there are your own woven post card templates included right in the zine.



This little guy is a Zinalogue. I’m going to totally make up some Craft Leftovers Monthly zine stamps and send this on to another zine making friend of mine. :)


This is such a neat way to send a note. It’s so cute. It’s the same design as her art stamps and in fact, reminds me of a book of stamps.


And this is the newest zine I’ve received from Su. It’s a completely new format. In fact, it’s styled after a newspaper. It’s a fairy tale newspaper–Enchanted Times! I love it. Check out that cute little sewing kit.



And this beautiful chart is so tempting to make right now. It’s next on my cross stitch list for sure! So fun!

You can read more about Su on her blog. And you can pick up any of these great zines and more from her Etsy shop here.

Happy Monday!


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