February Craft Leftovers Monthly: Coming Soon!


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I am so happy to announce the release of Craft Leftovers Monthly Vol 2: Issue 2! You can buy a subscription to Craft Leftovers Monthly any time of the month. Starting tomorrow at noon central time, the February issue will be in the shop and ready to go out the door!

While February always makes me think of pink hearts, loads of doilies, and romantic get-always; it also makes me think of everyone I love–my fiancé Jason, my pets, and, of course, my crafty buddies. This month I have recipes and projects to share with those you love, humans and animals alike. Let’s celebrate those best friends forever.

Camp Smarty Pants’ Rachel Beyer has infused this issue with summer camp friendship inspired projects. With a great interview in the mix you can read about her process, inspiration, and the crafty ladies in her life, not to mention the tastiest cookie recipe on the planet!

February also reminds me that winter is in its last throws AND it’s time to order seeds again. Those photos of summer produce in my seed catalog are so inspiring. By the end of the month, I’ll start my first batch of seeds. I just can’t wait. The first part is my favorite: mapping out my garden. Living in an apartment has its constraints, and many of us have space limitations for gardening.

In this issue I’ll focus on small space and indoor, low light solutions. Learn how to build your own seed starting light stand, mix up your own starting soil, plan your garden, and how to compost on a small scale indoors.

Have a great day and happy crafting!

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  1. ok – I have so been dying here!! You combined December and Janurary’s CLM – I have been almost 2 months without my CLM mail! I can’t wait!!!!

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