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Thrift Kitchen: Favorite White Bread!

I remember getting fresh baked bread from the bakery with my mom as a special treat. She loved it and would savor every nibble. I also remember one Christmas my mom baking what seemed like 2 dozen loaves of knotted bread for presents. Homemade bread has always been a special […]

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Sneaky Chef: Book Review

For today’s Thursday in the Thrift Kitchen I’m going to switch it up a bit. Instead of sharing a recipe, I’m going to share a new (to me) recipe book with you. Missy Chase Lapine has really put together a fine collection of Sneaky Chef recipes for The Sneaky Chef: How to […]

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Pesto Pleasures

I went through two book shelves this week (very hard work for me) and found a box of books I know I will never read. And I did something for the first time – I took them to FireHouse books and exchanged them for $12 in store credit, which I […]

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In the Thrift Kitchen :: Hummus!

I love love love hummus. But I always have two issues with it: The brand I used to eat and love is no longer sold at my local supermarket and it’s expensive. Really expensive. Like $4 for one of those little tiny itty bitty containers.

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Eating Locally Fresh Food Part I

My plans for today were a little turned upside down once I made it to my folk’s house. My Dad was all set for us to go fishing! Hooray! We had been planning on it, but I didn’t realize it would be day one hour one that I was home. […]

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Sprouting Sprouts

Two weeks ago Jason and I decided to go on a Sprouting Adventure. Neither one of us had tried it and we had both always heard it was easy. I looked it up and wowwee look at all the info I found! ++ Sprouts ++ More Sprouts ++ And More […]