How To :: Hemming the Asymmetrical Skirt

Measure, Press, Pin I was going to do a different how to today, but after seeing the skirt I worked on for so long in the “to fix” pile, I made up my mind to just get it done. And then I thought to myself – I should post about redoing the hem line on this skirt so you can all see how easy it is to shorten a skirt. Granted this is a wrap so, super easy, but same principle and I’ll tell you want you can do for a skirt that is not able to lay flat. In fact, I’ll tell you now. Everything is the same, you just turn it inside out to work and that about it.

I guess getting things done is one of the things I’m trying to work on lately (on top of playing cello, eating more veggies, and doing yoga each day before bed) – not procrastinating thing that I A)enjoy B)need to get done C)would decrease clutter (read yarn pile, project pile, to finish pile).

Anyway, here we are. Redoing the Asymmetrical Skirt so it fits better and is super cute instead of “that’s nice”.


I laid the skirt out flat and gathered my tools – scissors, white charcoal pencil (best fabric pencil ever!), and a hem gauge.


I measured it out to 3 3/4″ and made a mark every 2 inches.



Then cut the fabric connect the dot style.


Here is the skirt all trimmed up.

Zigzag Stitch

Then I sewed the new raw edge with the zigzag stitch so it wouldn’t fray over time.


I set the hem gauge to 3/4″, folded, pressed, and pin.

Measure, Press, Pin

Then machine sewed with the straight stitch.

Hem Line


DSC_0042 Asymettrical Skirt


I also moved the buttons over about 3 inches each so it pulled the skirt tighter. I haven’t had any issues of it falling off while I was walking around today.

Granted I dressed a little nicer to match this time (not quite as cold today).

Oh and when Jason got home he was like “oooh, you look cute!” where the other day it was just a “oh you made that skirt.” Yep. Much better. Haha. You know the “oh… did you make that?” compared to just “what a cute skirt! You made that? wow, nice!” You all know what I’m talking about.

You can see how I made the skirt here as well as a review of the magazine I made it from – Interweave Stitch.


Can you believe it’s already Friday? I sure can’t. I guess it’s because the break in the week with New Years Day. How are the goals and resolutions going so far for all of you? I’m doing alright so far. One skirt made, cello in the shop getting fixed so I can start lessons again, and I’m well underway to cutting coffee down to just one cup a day (I’m at a cup and a half from 4 espresso shots a day).

And just for kicks and in the mood of new years things, check out this round up on Zen Habits, the best of 2008. There are some pretty great posts to read through. I particularly liked this one, this one, this one, this one and this one.

Oh and I just saw this post on Whip UP that looked super cool, especially if you have kiddos. Ohh, and did you see the Whip Up Calender? It’s really cute. I actually just picked up a calender with my Border’s Gift card (it was $7 – and full of antique map reproductions – sweet!) and if I would have known about it (I’ve been out of the blog reading loop this past month) I would have picked one up.

Anyway, I’ll see you all Monday with a pattern to use up some of those craft leftovers!

Best wishes and Happy Crafting!

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  1. Your adjustments look great and looks like a good fit for you now. Great job!! I use to sew some of my clothes but with all the lil ones around now I just don’t have the time but I do like making stuff for the lil ones I need to get going on making them some things. My next project make the littlest one some cloth shoes.You have inspired me to get back to sewing clothes.

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