February Craft Leftovers Monthly!

clm17-ps The February Craft Leftovers Monthly is in the shop! You can pick up a:
3 month full subscription
1 month full subscription
February Zine only

and if you missed the January issue, don’t fret, it’s still in the shop until the end of this month. If you order the January zine with your February subscription, I’ll refund the postage difference and send them out together.

Full Subscriptions are on sale until Friday, January 16th and will all be sent out at the same time Monday, January 19th!

Go check it out!


In some other crazy news that I can’t say to much about, I have a huge deadline this Wednesday at Midnight and wouldn’t you know, I have to work at the Chocolate shop on Tuesday and Wednesday, which is just fine- they are pretty short shifts, but makes things a little tighter time wise than I would have hoped. I’m going to go ahead and not do a pattern for tomorrow and do limited posting this week. I have something planned for Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. So still much crafty fun to be hand, just three days a week instead of 5.

And just a little update, we had the first Central Iowa Sewing Rebellion today and it was a blast! We mended and demoed and I showed the group how to read a pattern (one of the members brought a dress pattern that had her a bit confused so we went over pattern basics and where to measure to get those hip, waist, and bust measurements). Good food. Good people. I can’t wait for next month! I already want to make this a weekly deal :)

Oh and another note. I did not send out a newsletter last month and am late this month! I’m going to update the archive tonight and send out the newsletter to sum up the new patterns and how-tos and notes of interest. I would expect it to hit your mailbox around midnight, sorry for the tardiness! Not signed up for the newsletter? You can plug in your email and hit the submit button to be added in a flash, that’s in the right hand side bar.

And I’m not sure if you noticed it or not, but I added a Twitter banner in the right sidebar too, so you can follow the happenings of the craft leftovers studio on Twitter. Go check that out too!

One thought on “February Craft Leftovers Monthly!

  1. Hi Kristin, I love the kits you have added recently…most especially the bunny and bird! I am so tempted to order one of each and a few others too, but if you’ve checked my site recently, you can see I’m in the middle of a big clean-up. No more new projects coming in anytime soon. I MUST do what I have! That’s my 2009 resolution.

    You are so creative! Keep it up. I sure enjoy reading about all the things you do.


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