How To :: Purling!

How To :: Purl Purling defied my understanding for quite some time when I first learned to knit. mainly because I was twisting all my stitches. One thing that helped was to think of it as going over the top of the needle counter clockwise and with knits going around clockwise. I’ve remembered it that way ever sense. And it always seems to click with most beginning knitters too!

How To :: Purl

You can click on the image and view it in a bigger size to download and/or print it.

You can read about the start of the beginning knitting class I started teaching today on my personal blog here too — I started this series of posts without even thinking about the class (well I’m sure i was subconsciously) because I was thinking it was going to be canceled. Well I got the call this morning that it wasn’t and wasn’t I sure happy I had done this posts and was able to just print them out for handouts ;)


So this is actually kind of funny. My wacom pen was supposed to be delivered today and I was watching out for it like a hawk, checking the tracking status every 15 minutes or so and all of a sudden it switched from “out for delivery” to “delivered” and I was like “what, the heck no it hasn’t” so i went out to check and the ups man came running up to the door to drop it off! Hoooooooray! My pen!

So that post I was hoping for last Thursday will be tomorrow’s post. Perfect!


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I’ll see you all tomorrow!

Happy Crafting!