Last Minute Shopping: Craft Leftovers Monthly Volume 3 Subscription!

This past week I received a really nice email from a woman wanting to get her friend a subscription to Craft Leftovers Monthly. She was wondering if that’s something I offered. Well, no and yes at the same time. You see a few months back I made the choice to stop offering them. I just wasn’t selling them that often and it’s more admin work and, well, a pretty long term commitment to make. But, I still have subscriptions to fulfill until June of 2011, so because of this woman’s nice email, I’ve decided to offer subscriptions for Craft Leftovers Monthly Volume 3.

New Zine for Volume Three

Volume Three is quite the exciting change up for Craft Leftovers Monthly. For starters, we are heading back to the smaller format of Volume 1–quarter page size with a center fold out (I really missed the center fold the last year)–and around 24 pages. This will allow me to take more time on each page, make it really special. It will have a little bit more of a handmade feel with little things sneaked into the pages and maybe a pocket or a piece of fabric bound in. Not all this in every issue, each one will have it’s have unique thing.

In Each issue:

  • planned on a theme–like knitting, or homemade salon, or weaving, or bookmaking.
  • 20 pages plus a center fold out (which is like 4 pages put together so kind of 24 pages really)
  • Creatively illustrated and photographed and collaged by me.
  • All original projects, articles, and puzzles.
  • Little bonus something something for each issue, like a reusable tea bag or a piece of fabric bound into the center

Because it will be so similar in size to Volume 1, it will be a similar price and cost to ship–just $6 per an issue!

Going Digital!

For awhile now I’ve gotten email about a digital edition, I have a lot of overseas readers and shipping can be a bit expensive. I just wasn’t sure how to make that happen. How could I convey all the zine had to offer digitally without essentially making a second zine a month? Well, I compromised with myself and made up an E-to-P plan–Electronic to Print!

What is Electronic to Print? Each month, I send you a pdf of the newest zine and the first page of that pdf is a short tutorial on how to print out and bind the zine just like I do! So for no shipping, you can get your own physical zine.

The Craft Leftovers Monthly E-to-P Zine is discounted from the print version since I don’t have to deal with assembly and paper cost, You can get the E-to-P version for just $3.75 an issue. So, you save on shipping and paper!

And of course you can read it on your screen as well, but that’s just not nearly as fun. :)

Limited Time Subscription Offer

So you want to get your friend a great gift? Why not get them a subscription for Craft Leftovers Monthly! Well you want to give them something physically for their gift, and there’s no way I can send it to you in time right? Nope, for the woman who prompted this whole idea, I opted to draw up a little subscription card she could print out and hand to her friend in person and well, since I already have it made up for her, why not offer it to you too?

Want to get 6 months of Volume Three for your friend? That will be $29 + shipping and handling, please in the shop

Want to get the E-to-P version? That will be $16.95 in the Shop

When you place your order, just select “gift” as the add on option and I’ll send you your gift card to print out and give to your friend come Christmas day.

So now until the February issue goes on sale, you can get 6 month subscriptions for yourself and all your crafty buddies. ;)

Happy crafting and happy holidays!

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  1. Hooray!!!! As one of those hoping for digital issues, you just made my day! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    Off to put in my order right now!

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