A contest and some updates!

For the last month I have been having, close to, weekly contests for packages of craft leftover goodies. I have decided to move the contest to the blog since I won’t be posting as frequently.

The last question was: What was Elizabeth Zimmerman’s first pattern published and when?

So the answer to the last contest’s question was as our lovely winner wrote:
“Elizabeth Zimmerman independently published her first newsletter, The Opinionated Knitter, in 1958.

And the winner Carrie said:
“Knitting Without Tears ROCKS!!”

I so agree!

So for this week, the craft trivia question is:
Where did the word crochet come from (location/word)? And what do you like best about that country?

Oh tricky, tricky! If you get it right you will get a special package of goodies just for you!

Just email me (craftleftovers@gmail.com) the answer with “Craft Trivia Contest” in the subject field. Don’t post a comment with your answer because then other’s could look over your shoulder and copy :)

Now to the updates!
I have decide that maybe during these two months off, I could have guest designers. Are you interested? Have a project idea or someone/something you would like to write about? Email me at Craftleftover@gmail.com and let me know. It can be something you have already posted about or written, just so long as it is made up of, or could be made up from, leftovers from crafting.

My last point of interest is that I’m doing well, cranking through my school projects, and seeing some light at the end of this senior year tunnel. Thank you so much to everyone who has sent me words of support, it really does make me feel so much better!

Keep it Crafty!
Kristin Roach

2 thoughts on “A contest and some updates!

  1. Hey, what a great giveaway! I have no idea of the correct answer, so don’t count me in. But I’m blogging this at my Contest blog A Bookworm’s Diary.
    Coincidentally, I’m also having a GIVEAWAY and it’s open to all – bloggers
    and non-bloggers. And anyone in the world can enter!
    Hope you’ll stop by.
    callmeabookworm at gmail dot com

  2. Been crafting forever, and my leftovers go into what I call’Scraper Crafts’. One idea I used with the grand kids is to let them pick whatever they want from my scrap stuff and have them make magnets. A couple are already making cards using fabric scraps and bits and pieces from the scrap box. They seem to really enjoy themselves, so now I actually pick up old rummage sale stuff, take it apart and add to the box!

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