For the next two months…..

Craft Leftovers is going to have to take a back burner, until dinner is nice and ready.

Over the past couple of weeks of trying to make an impossible schedule work, I have realized it’s impossible. I just have too many obligations with 4 studio classes, 3 different shows, and moving all in the next two months; I have been going a bit batty.

I have been thinking about this the last couple of weeks and here is what I have decided:

I want to keep connecting with you, my lovely readers and friends because you have all become a part of my life, so I will continue to post every weekend, but just not about my own patterns. I guess the main way that the blog will change is that I will be blogging about living your life creatively and resourcefully; sharing what I have learned for myself and what I have found elsewhere. Sprinkled with a good dose of craft projects and artist/crafters that I value.

Craft Leftovers Monthly will stay as is and with the recruitment of a few good friends, start staying on schedule. I really love putting the zine, kits, and craft goodies together and don’t want to put that on pause.

The good news is that I am almost done with school (May 17th commencement, moving May 27th to my new home in Iowa) and then I will be mostly all about you! Once I graduate I’m going to attempt the bold career of independent employment which will be made up from Craft Leftovers, Green Prairie Fibers, gallery shows, craft sales, art lessons and freelance writing.

I’m making the commitment to try to actually post two short posts twice a week on my other blog too, so check that for more in the studio related photos and updates.

5 thoughts on “For the next two months…..

  1. I’ll miss your patterns, but I’m glad you’ll still be posting, and I’m sure you’ll still clue me into some great ideas. Congratulations on your impending graduation and great designs on life!

  2. Do what ‘cha gotta do girly. Congrats on all the good changes coming in your life! We will take our Crafty Leftovers as we can get them! :)

  3. You go girl!! I will be around to help out as I can. Maybe we should have a house warm giving party for you right here! What do you all think about that?

  4. School comes first, Kristin, I will remain a faithful reader no matter what. :) Btw, love your paintings on your other blog. Wish I could come there to see your show, it will be great!

  5. I know you will continue to have new ideas and look forward to when you will be able to have the time to sit down with a cup of tea and share them with your crafting family. We are cheering for you. You go girl!

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