And the winner is….!

I collected up all the entries:


And picked a witness. Molly, being the chief safety officer, presided over the drawing to make sure there was no fooling around, foul play, or cheating:


Suspense! Who could it be?


Congratulations Nicole! I just sent you an email to get your mailing address, so go check for it!


Now, I posted about it on Monday, but CRAFTzine has a great deal going right now on their subscriptions, you pretty much get 4 for the price of 2! So go check that out and subscribe! It’s a great publication and I’m honored to be a part of it.

Thank you so much for all your kind words. It may not seem like much to write a sentence or two about Craft Leftovers, but it means a lot to me! After hearing what you all had to say, I not only have some great ideas, but I’m also a little less over whelmed. It was good to hear that I’m on the right track. Indeed it is. Thank you!

I’m going to take a lunch break and then I’ll be back for our regularly scheduled posting program :)

Have a good day!
Kristin Roach