CRAFT:08 Give Away!

Hey there folks! I have my issue in my hands and it is such a winner. Not only do I have my first ever published tutorial on page 58 (preview here), but all the other articles are amazing! They have a huge section on weaving, many articles from many artists, crafters, and writers. From the history of weaving, to how to’s, to an artist’s current project. I’m not going to spoil anything for you, but if you have ever felt weaving is too complicated and over your head, you really need to get this issue, it makes it accessible to everyone of all skill levels, just like weaving should be!


There are also the usual mix of great projects on a variety of topics, like how to make your own handwriting into a font (preview here) and cold brewed coffee, a great article on photography, and many other things that you will have to find out for yourself!

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And here’s the give away! I love this issue so much, and it’s my first published in print work, so I’m giving an issue away! All you have to do is leave a comment by 9 am (central time) on August 6th. Let me know what you would like to see more of on Craft Leftovers, or what you do like about it. I’ll have a random drawing and post the winner around noon time. It’s that easy!

CRAFT: 08 will be out on the news stands August 5th, so make sure to go pick up a copy for yourself and enjoy the wonderful crafty goodness that is to be had!


Updates: I wanted to point your attention to two things. One, the new Support & Contribute page it up. It’s all about different ideas on how you can help support Craft Leftovers, from donating money (through paypal, buying things in the shop, buying books off the CL amazon wish lists), to time (submitting guest articles, patterns, etc), to things (sending supplies that help to keep the craft leftovers studio going (sewing needles, thread, buttons, trim, rotary blades, etc). So make sure to go check that out.

The second thing is that, believe it or not, Craft Leftovers Monthly is getting close to going on sale! Where does the month go! The second Sunday of the month is fast approaching! The September subscription will be going on sale this Sunday, August 10th. After receiving much good feedback on the idea, I’m going to send out a reminder to those who have subscribed and their subscription has ended. A little reminder so your subscription won’t laps.


I also wanted to thank Urban Threads for the mention, I love the embroidered reusable tea bag! What a cute variation on the reusable tea bag pattern! If you haven’t taken a look around Urban Threads, you really should, especially if you are of the thread minded. There are so many wonderful patterns as well as “how-to’s” for embroidery type stuff.


See you all on Wednesday!
++ Kristin Roach ++

ps – today is the last day for a change to win some gorgeous roving! Your post card/letter has to be post marked by today! (contest details here). Oh and if you are a crocheter/knitter, don’t despair, I have some great hand dyed yarn set aside for you instead of roving if you win the drawing.

15 thoughts on “CRAFT:08 Give Away!

  1. I always love to see your tote bags and pencil bags and whatnot in Craft Leftovers. I like CLM because it makes me stop and focus on the little things that you talk about – and I end up feeling like I’m “treating myself” when I read it! :)

  2. Congrats! That looks like a great article. I really fell in love with your blog when you published the crochet and needle cases. I think things along those lines–that are highly useable–are always a good route to go.

  3. Congrats on being published. Well done!
    I agree with the other ladies and reques tmore knitted toy patterns please as I knit toys for needy kids around the world.
    I am also a fan of any useful practial ideas, they never go astray.

    Keep up the good work, we appreciate you and your efforts…and when you show us when things go “Blah” it also tells us, it is ok to have things go wrong from time to time when trying out new ideas.
    Thanks ever so much.

  4. I love your knitting and fibre-related posts – congratulations on being published!

  5. Ah! So it was you that posted the pattern for the reusable tea bags! I owe you so much! When I posted my blog entry with my embroidery adaptation of your tea bags, I couldn’t for the life of me remember which blog I had originally found the pattern on, but now that I know it was you, I must amend my original post and give you some credit. A mountain of belated thank yous!!

  6. I’m always checking the magazine online, we don’t get it here in Brazil. Weaving it’s interesting even if I haven’t try it yet. I usually don’t have an opinion on what people should publish on their blogs. I surf the net looking for ideas and good craft and I love to just find out whatever people are doing.

  7. I’m new here, but my favorite thing is the variation you present! I’m primarily a knitter, but I’m an all over, all around mixed media artist as well. I like that you experiment with new techniques and materials. It’s encouraging! Cheers…

  8. Congratulations!! Sounds like a great issue, I’m especially interested in those iced coffee toddies…

  9. I LOVE weaving and am thrilled that Craft is doing an issue devoted to it. Congrats on your publication! I like to see anything and everything sewing on your site – thanks for all the great ideas!

  10. Thank you for entering in the giveaway! I would love to see more sewing projects!

  11. I’ve only been reading Craft Leftovers for a short time (only about a month) but so far I love what I see. Thanks! And keep it up!

  12. I love all the pictures of your adventures in crafting. In general, the amount of stuff that you do, is what I like. It’s always an inspiration to see what you’re coming up with, EVERYDAY!!! :D Very motivating. Thanks!
    Yay, CL!!! Yay, KR!!! Yay, GPF!!!

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