And the winners are….

Nniiccoollee and Crown Cap Crafts!

Please email me at with your real name, address, kit preference, and a color/theme prefernce…. also tell me what color you reallllly don’t like and would be sad if I picked it for yor kit.

I have some bad news…. my internet is down so I’m having a hard time posting the next pattern (I’m actually at school posting this). I am just going to go ahead and skip this weeks pattern and post two next wednesday (I already have them ready to go).

I am so sorry to keep you in suspence like this, but unfortunately there is nothing I can really do about it. I am going to call the ol’ Comcast and see if I can get things sorted.

Have a good crafty weekend!

ps – there is no spell check because the computer is preventing it from poping up so I am sorry in advance for the not so great spelling.