Finally! Patterns again!

edited in: I found my cord, finally… i was getting worried about it, so here is a picture of the stamps that I made (and yes I did make the ultimate mistake of writing the text the correct way and so it is reversed when I stamp it… don’t do that with your’s, you’ve been warned).

Okay, so I’m really really sorry that I was so late on getting these recipes up. Life has thrown me a curve ball, but I think, hopefully, things are getting more normal.

One thing that will help is that I am going to change the pattern posting day to Friday so that way I will not have exams and homework the next day.

Also I finally finished the sweater for the yarn company, which was an overwhelming all consuming thing that was eating me alive. But I vanquished the foe!

There will be another drawing for a winner two patterns from now (next month).
edited in: I have decided that I’m going to change the way you sign up for the drawing for kits a little bit. It’s an easy two step process.
1) leave a comment saying that you would like to be entered into the drawing and
2) email me at with “crafty leftovers drawing” in the subject.
This way I will have your email address and can contact you directly if you win and know that you really want a kit and not just posting a friendly “i like this idea.” Which by the way, I love getting comments, they make me so happy and keep me doing this…. it really brightens my day to see them pop up in my mail box, so keep them coming.

Happy Crafting!

p.s. I’m hoping on Sunday I will have time to post some pictures of these projects and older projects to flickr.

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