And the wool goes too….!

Mary L. from Chicago!

Now what’s this all about? Well, if you scroll down to the bottom of this interview you will see a contest for some roving or some hand dyed yarn. The post mark deadline was the first and now all the results are in. I had Jason pick on randomly and Mary was the winner.

Mary, can you email me, I have some info for you/need from you.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated. It was so great to hear your stories! I’m in process of responding to everyone, just give me a little time.

I’m going to have another mail in contest when I get back, it was so fun!

I had to leave out of town earlier than expected for Chicago/DeKalb area vacation time. That caused two things to happen. I needed to get out clm by this afternoon when I left and I didn’t have time to write up the pattern for the project I had for today. Do not despair! I got clm all finished and out the door (so it will be arriving much sooner than originally planned, I think that was the quickest turn around for Craft Leftovers Monthly ever! Just 5 days from the time it went into the shop to send out!) and I did have time to make the project this morning (a cute little apron). I brought the apron with me and I’m going to type up the pattern this weekend and it will go up on monday (maybe sooner, it depends on how things go tomorrow, we are helping a friend move).

Sorry no pictures today, it was a work like mad to get things finished and packed kind of day. I feel bad though, so I’ll leave you with this:

CL Matchbook Sketchbook

These are the little something extra that I sent out with the August (last month’s) Craft Leftovers Monthly. They are handmade matchbook sketchbooks with the Craft Leftovers Logo silk screened on them. Just a little something something for fun. This month’s something something was totally different.

See you all soon!


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