A Walk in the Park Apron

A Walk in the Park

This apron sure is a walk in the park to make. It’s so fast and easy to whip up in an evening or morning, or afternoon for that matter. Use a pattered fabric for your main piece. Something kind of darker and kind of “filled” works well to hide stains and smudges from cooking. I’m always wiping my hands on the sides of my pants because I’m used to wearing my studio apron just about all the time. I made this apron a bit more wrap aroundish for that reason. I made it using a part of an old vintage bed sheet and some poka dot fabric leftover from other project. I bought a whole bolt like a year ago and I’m happy and sad at the same time to be coming down to the end of it. It just looks so cute with the lovely green and yellow vintage sheet! I’m thinking about adding some rick rack to the bottom hem, but I don’t have any right now it red. If I come across some in my garage saling, I’ll be sure to keep this apron in mind for it. Green buttons on the pockets would be cute too.

A Walk in the Park

Download A Walk in the Park here (pdf).


Thanks for waiting on this pattern. I am now in DeKalb safe and sound. I had a good time in Chicago and scored some awesome finds at Architectural Artifacts. Then dropped by Acadia Knitting for some Crystal Palace double pointed needles. My favorite kind of needles. I had a knitting emergency and they came to the rescue! I’ll show my finds on the KR: Blog tomorrow or maybe later today.

There won’t be a pattern this Friday because I’m out of town and I’m actually on vacation. After this post today, you might hear from me just once more before Monday. I’m going to read and knit and shop and walk and ride bikes. It will be nice. I’m going to scheme and plot and plan and map out the next quarter of patterns and such too! That is so much fun!

Jason is manning the shops and he will take good care of your when you place your order. So no fears there.

See you all next week!


ps – Hi to all of those who are visiting from Whip Up! And also thanks to whip up for mentioning Craft Leftovers Monthly in their sample packs post. If you are interested in subscribing, there are facts about it here. You can see this past month’s listing here in the shop. Subscriptions for October will be on sale Sunday, September 14th. Curious about Craft Leftovers in general? Visit the About Me page. You can get a load of free patterns for download in the archive here. It’s nice to meet you! I hope to see you again soon!

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  1. “You can get a load of free patterns for download in the archive here.” Ummm, am I missing something because every link has “Sorry, no posts available” except crochet which has a headband pattern and sewing has a post on Burda style but no pattern.

  2. Hmm, yeah, I tried it when I first added it to the server and got the same thing. I redid it and it was fine. I checked it again and wouldn’t open and I have redid it again and now it seems to be working. Let me know if you are still having problems downloading it. I can send it to you directly through email.

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