Apartment Redress :: Laundry Days

Our bedroom was in order. Now it’s not. What happened? Laundry. Simple as that. We have no place to put anything as far as the laundry goes (from the laundry itself to the detergent bottle lying on the floor next to it). Well, the times are a changing, we need some order. I went to pick up a laundry bin like the one pictured here, and holy crap was I surprised how expensive they were. It wasn’t even just $20 or $30, it was like $60. And that was at Walmart, we aren’t even talking target here, well maybe it was target, I can’t remember. I do remember being shocked. Another thing is, we don’t really sort our clothes into three piles (and by we I mean me here, let’s be honest), it’s more just “wash only” and “can go in the drier”. And I’m thinking it would be really nice to have a little shelf section or something under the baskets where the drier sheets and detergent could go. Like a little side rack or something. Here is what I worked out:

Do you see my plan? pvc pipe, oh yeah! I’m thinking I will use canvas to make the little shelf and then make canvas bags with some pvc in them so I can just take them out to go down to the laundry room (which is about a 3 minute walk from our apartment). I want to make them “one load” size too. The ones I saw at the store were always like “3 load” totes in each slot or something like that. I’d like to just get my laundry done as it gets dirty. So Maybe the “detergent shelf” will end up underneath. But the above is my general plan. I’m going to go to Lowes tomorrow and see what I can see as far as pvc pipe goes or other building materials. Wish me luck!

See you all tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Apartment Redress :: Laundry Days

  1. Brilliant! I’m looking for one of those big woven, multi-color beach bags to use as a laundry bag for our room with no room, but now I’m inspired to get some PVC and make something for the laundry room itself to hold clothes as they dry a bit more and to store the detergent and dryer sheets. Yay! Thanks for the inspiration! It’s always more fun if you can make it yourself, anyway. Success!

  2. that’s a fab idea you got there. I cam across the same PVC pipe “hack” of a guitar stand once. You could even get pipe padding to make sure it doesn’t scratch the floor if you’ve got wood. But nice!

  3. What a great idea! I need some sort of laundry solution for our new apt, especially since our cheap IKEA hampers are falling apart and always seem to be in the way. I have just an IKEA laundry bag with a really cute print on it, maybe I will make a PVC frame for it. Right now it just resides “somewhere near the closet”. Maybe it would even get my SO to put his clothes somewhere other than the floor…

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