Apartment Redress :: Laundry Days :: Part II

I went to Lowes this morning and spent about an hour and half wheeling my cart from “lumber” to “plumbing” trying to decide “wood” or “pvc” for the hamper. Then I did the math. Pvc won out on ease of use, because of the tools I have on had, and […]


Apartment Redress :: Laundry Days

Our bedroom was in order. Now it’s not. What happened? Laundry. Simple as that. We have no place to put anything as far as the laundry goes (from the laundry itself to the detergent bottle lying on the floor next to it). Well, the times are a changing, we need […]


Apartment Redress :: Lamp Remake :: Part II

Today was so rainy. I actually really liked it. I worked on crochet stuff earlier, and then was a kit making machine for the rest of the morning. The rain was nice but completely foiled my plans for the Lamp Remake today. You see I picked out my spray paint […]