Apartment Redress :: Sewing Chair

I had the highest of high hopes that I would have time to clean our bedroom and take a picture of the dresser where is should be… well… that didn’t really happen. I did manage to start cleaning in there, so that is good. I also did finish the dresser, but I’m going to hold off posting a picture until I get the drawers in and it in the bedroom. Hopefully by next week.

In the mean time, the next project that I’ve set up for myself for the Apartment Redress project. I went ahead and started an Apartment Redress Collection on Flickr for it so you can easily see the different phases/projects/etc in one place. Each one will have it’s own set so it will be easy to browse through.

Since I’m not posting a picture of the finished dresser quite yet, I thought I would introduce you to the next project :: the sewing chair in my studio.

Sewing Chair :: Before

I love this sewing chair so much. You see the cool thing about it is that the seat flips up and that’s where all my sewing thread goes. It’s like a sewing box right under my butt at all times. Fabulous! And to top that off it was my grandma’s sewing chair and has all that great sewing experience under it’s seat, I ask it for advice all the time… just kidding. I do love it… but it’s pretty drab, itchy, flat stuffing and bordering on thread bare.

I’m going to dig around in my fabric stash and see what I can see there. I have a particular fabric in mind, it’s actually antique feedsack cloth and it’s super cute. I’ll have to test the thickness and sturdiness of it as well as measure it and make sure I have enough to cover the chair. Have any of you tried to do a seat cover/cushion with feedsack cloth? I was thinking maybe I could use some old canvas under it and then have a thin layer of batting and then the feedsack cloth. What do you think? Does that sound like it will work?

I’m going to do a little research on upholstering this type of chair and chairs in general over the next couple of days (tonight and tomorrow) and then on Thursday I should be all set to go and will have some great photos of me most likely ripping this chair apart…. but hopefully in a positive way and not a destructive one.

Well, I’m finishing up dyeing yarn right now, so better go check on the dye pot.

See you all tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Apartment Redress :: Sewing Chair

  1. I know nothing about sewing so have nothing useful to add, but I’m really exciting to see how this progresses.
    And… shots of the inside too please!!!!!

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