April Craft Leftovers Monthly!

CLM April

I’m really super excited about April’s clm because it’s my birthday month! I really love to give presents on my birthday more than get them. I always love little party favors and door prizes. It’s just more fun to spread the birthday giving spirit around more so than keep it in one place.

I’m going to have a zine full of fun things that I love around my birthday time.
Stuff about gardening, fun stories, and I’m going to pack each box to the brim with all sorts of little doo dads. To make it more fun, instead of using packing “peanuts” (something I’ve been thinking about), I’m going to use all sorts of fabric scraps and larger pieces. There will also be little buried treasures in there too. Of course buttons, but other little thingies to make you smile.

Get your’s today! There are only 15 subscriptions this month and they are in the shop now! Hooray!