Mossy Seeds

It is kind of one of those “oh duh, why didn’t I really know that anyway” moments that seemed kind of funny. I was talking to one of the women at the lys where I work about “what really is the difference between moss stitch and seed stitch. It’s started bugging me so much I finally looked them up. Seed Stitch: odd number of stitches cast on then (k1, p1) repeat. Moss stitch: “see seed stitch”. I just cracked up. I’ve been writing patterns for how long? And I hadn’t put the moss and seed stitch thing together? Hilarious. So I give you a coaster pattern for one seed stitch coaster and one moss stitch!

seedy moss

Download the pattern here (pdf).

In other news Craft Leftovers Monthly for April is going on sale Tomorrow! Hooray!

It’s my birthday month (a quarter of a century old on the 17th, amazing) so I’m putting everything in there that I really love including some really fun garden crafts and tips. Fun birthday stories from eons past. Super fun kits, lots of fabric and, because I love spreading my birthday joy around, lots of extras in general. Those little boxes are going to be completely packed with craft leftovers goodness!

Check back tomorrow to see pictures and pick your’s up from the shop!

In other news, I forgot to announce this a long time ago, but there was a “quality control issue” with the honey bunny kits. Nothing major, just if you had a looser gauge, there was a possiblity of running out of yarn. I don’t like that. That would annoy me if I bought a kit and ran out of yarn. So I decided to just drop a whole skein into the kit. That’s why I increased the price a bit awhile back to 18.50. I should have said so when I changed the price, but things have become so crazy that it slipped my mind. It’s a really great kit and perfect for the spring.

Well, I’m going to turn in early tonight, I’m beat.

See you all tomorrow!