April Stash Bust: Fabric Scraps Meet Button Kits!

Those last little scraps of fabric are always the hardest to use up. I’m always looking for more ways to use them up. Well I think I just found my favorite way! Buttons! Fabric covered buttons in fact.

I learned about how easy these are while hanging out at the Sew ‘n’ Swap. It’s so fun getting to hang out with all these sewing savvy ladies. One of the members brought button kits for everyone, but with a twist.

You can pick up a kit at Joann’s or Hobby Lobby for around $3 and refills for $2. This is the neat thing about using these kits: you don’t just have to use them as buttons. Just remove the shank and you can make really cute magnets, or a super cute broach!

With the help of a little hot glue, fun fabric, and magnets, you can change this:


Into this:



They make great gifts. If you have an etsy shop that uses patterned fabric, they are a great little bonus to customers. My friend and I are whipping up a ton with my itty bitty fabric scraps to sell in a craft fair this summer and in my shop.

They are also great accents on bags, or if you like making felt flowers, a great center.

Now one thing that was debated was whether it was better to use a circle or a square fabric scrap. The final agreement was that if you are eyeballing it when cutting, a square is best–a little more for the back to clamp down on. If you have the template and enough fabric, a circle is perfect–the edges all tuck under the back evenly.

Have a great weekend!

Kristin Roach

p.s. More news on this soon, but the summer issue of Craft Leftovers Monthly is just about ready. It’s the May/June issue and will be in the shop Monday. There are quite a few fun tutorials and articles this month all about summer travel crafts! I’m so looking forward to going on a short vacation and I know I’ll use some of these fun ideas too. We have a local contributor as well as two international contributors this month from the UK and Canada! Love it! I know you will really enjoy these fine ladies’ work too. :)


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