October CL Swap!

It’s been awhile since the last swap and I know I’m ready to change up some of my stash! And here’s where I go into info-mercial mode: Are you tired of working with the same fabrics, papers, and yarn? Is your stash a little “blah?” Could your fabric use a […]

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How To: Craft Stamped Thank you Cards

The littlest of leftovers are often the hardest to work with. What do you do with one foot of yarn? A single lone button? Well, I came across these two fun ideas and decided to join them together to make my own leftovers project that uses up those littlest of bits.

I still owe some family members thank you cards from my birthday in April so these will be going into the mail as soon as this post is up!

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Wardrobe Redress: Making the old new again

Hello there! It’s me, Karen. You might remember meeting me. Kristin introduced me here. I’m stepping out of the background today to share a few projects. When Kristin started her Wardrobe Redress series, it got me thinking about my efforts to “fancy up” my wardrobe. Since my three little boys […]


Shoe Sensations :: Fixing Button Holes

I’ve had a hard time with shoes because while I don’t like them to be complete plastic, I’m excessively allergic to leather of any kind when it comes to my feet. It’s really bad and I’m not going to share with you a gross foot story. it’s not fun. Enough […]

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The Black Swan :: Free Crochet Hat Pattern!

Black Swan
I’m really growing fond of combining crochet and knitting together. It is the perfect coupling of techniques. Crochet is organic and thick and has a much different drape than any knit fabric. While knitting has stretch and give and is wonderful for so many garment structures – you can do ribbing with knitting that is perfect for keeping caps on tight. I named this beret the black swan because, just like a black swan it’s all black with a few flecks of white.


How To :: Fabric Covered Button :: Part II

In the last How To post I said something about sewing on a button without a shank and how I would show you how at some point. Well, I decided that really, this would be just an extension of the last how to post and if you make some fabric […]


How To :: Making Fabric Covered Buttons

For this month’s Craft Leftovers Monthly I included vintage fabric covered buttons in everyone’s package. And one thing I noticed while looking through them all is that they are pretty easy to make (without a kit) from just a washer, some