Bad Egg

Well eggs really. I’m down for the count. I should really learn to check the expiration dates on eggs that I can’t remember when I bought them. I had such an awesome post for tonight, it was going to make your mind explode with the genius of it (well, most likely not explode, but I’m sure you would have liked it) and I have to just face the news. I was already feeling sick with this cold thing and then I have to make an omelette with bad eggs and eat it. And now I’m feeling like a bad egg. I’m going to take the evening off and let my body deal with my stupidity. I’m sure I’ll feel better in the morning and I have tomorrow off work at the chocolate shop, so I’m going to rest up and then I’ll post the post. See you then!


ps – I just googled “bad eggs” and this animation came up, it made me go “HA!”

2 thoughts on “Bad Egg

  1. Poor thing :-(

    Easy tip for future use – old eggs float, new ones don’t.

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