Camera Strap Redo

While walking around San Francisco it struck me how much my camera looked like everyone else’s on the street. Lame. My nikon was no different from every other camera toting tourist. I think my camera deserves better than that. I mean, after all, it’s through its lens that all my work in my studio gets up onto the blogs, into the shops. It’s only fair that I inflict some of that handmade on the camera itself. Just a little something something to let people know, “hey, I’m a special camera, without me, all Kristin’s projects would look like crap to everyone.”

When I saw the tutorial on Design*Sponge (just today because I was way behind in my blog feeds after the weekend crunch) and just knew it was the perfect thing! My whole issue with other tutorials I had seen was that it called for taking apart the existing strap. No offence to myself, but I’m worried my shoddy sewing skills would end up with a broken strap and possibly broken camera. No good. This solve all that by making a sleeve for your existing strap. Which also means that I have everything I need right here – a strip of long fabric + a sewing machine! And the tutorial is written up so you can make it for any camera! it’s so simple and smart I’ve been kicking myself “now why didn’t I think of that!”

Go check it out on Design*Sponge and make one up for yourself!

Happy Sewing and shooting!

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