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{edited in: I realized I made a HUGE typo/error/whathaveyou that was then repeated throughout the whole pattern. If you have downloaded the pattern before midnight on June 29th, 2009, please re-download it and trash your old copy. Seriously. Sorry for the mix up – I swear I was looking at the wrong notes (possible)}

So how did a facecloth double as a cat cape in my mind? Well, as I was making it Jason said jokingly “what are you making? a cape for molly so she can fight crafting crime around the world?” which was just silly and fun and perfect. I will use them as facecloths for sure – I love the idea of pushing my face into some handmade love each morning – but occationally, molly will sport it when there is some crafty crime fighting to do. Dropped a stitch? never fear! craft cat is here!

Okay, I’m a big lame nerd that gets a kick out of the weirdest jokes, but that’s okay, because I’m just going to assume you are a nerd to and might smile and laugh and enjoy a fun twist on a utilitarian pattern :)


In other news, I just finished adding all the back issues of Craft Leftovers Monthly to the Kro Studio shop on Art Fire. Let me know how checkout goes. In theory you do not need an account to order from an ArtFire shop, which I like a whole lot. You can checkout with paypal and soon google checkout (I need to sign up for google checkout).

Oh and I added a new minibook – Collage IT! is what I included in the kit for July and was orginally published in the May issue of clm. So if you have either of those, this is not for you, unless you want it for a friend – in which case, go for it!

Best wishes and happy crafting!


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  1. Well done again! Unable to access pdf file to wash cloth though! Bugger!

  2. BEST picture and story ever! I read it to my husband, it sounds like something he would say. YAY for Crafty Kittehs! I’ll be linking.

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