CL Shop :: Neglected no More!

I’ve spent all day working on kits and taking pictures and just finished uploading the first batch to the shop. They are more of the same in a sense, but new colors! And the Travel Tissue Holder kit has a new look! It’s now in a cookie box made from recycled cardstock.

You can check it all out here. And I have some fun new kits to add to the shop too that just need some finishing touches. Check the shop out often for new kits.


I’m really feeling back on track and it sure is nice! Finally getting slightly ahead in my work so I have some time to play! I also put new yarn and restocked the hemp linen fabric in the Green Prairie Fibers shop too. It’s been a really productive day!

Now it’s time to knit some swatches for some upcoming pattern ideas and maybe do a little spinning.

Happy Crafting!

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