Craft Cat Strikes Again :: Last Chance for November CLM


Usually this is something I would expect from the ferrets, but this time it was my very own Craft Cat, my cruddy studio assistant. She got all hopped up on catnip and then stole my project right off the table and now I can’t find it anywhere! You see I am writing up a How To for making fabric covered buttons, and she stole my finished buttons. (Is this some kind of “dog ate my homework” excuse? kind of except it’s true).


I did also want to remind you that tonight is the last chance to get your hands on a subscription for the November Craft Leftovers Monthly, so go take a peak and pick up this coming up month’s issue.

I’ll be back in the morning with some buttony goodness and then later in the afternoon with a picture of the finished lamp. Yeah! Double Post!

See you around noon tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Craft Cat Strikes Again :: Last Chance for November CLM

  1. I know! That’s my problem. I can’t stay mad at here at all. Like two seconds after her little freak out, she was curled up in my lap purring.

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