Apartment Remake :: Lamp Remake Part III

Lamp Remake :: Part III I’ve hit a few bumps along the road of redoing this lamp. Mainly, lots of rain. So today, I woke up and it was sunny out, finally! It’s go time lamp! I taped it all up using masking tape and newspaper. I bundled up the cord in some more newspaper and wrapped that up in more tape.

Lamp Remake :: Part III

Then spray paint away! Nice long slow strokes about 4-6 inches away. Let it dry, then I repeated. Presto change-o!

Lamp Remake :: Part III

I’m really close to getting the lamp shade finished, I just need to decide on which trim to go on the lamp shade. I want to post all the pictures of redoing the lamp shade together though, so by Thursday I’ll be finished.

The funny thing about the rain issue, is that I went outside to check on my lamp before heading to the lys and guess what? It was pouring! Haha, thankful it was dry enough and the rain just beaded on it.


DSC_0073 In other news I finally cleaned and organized the apartment and garage enough to get my loom fixed and cleaned up and moved into the apartment! Hooray! I cleaned it up on Saturday, then swindled my boyfriend and his friend with chocolate to move it inside (it’s heavy!). I figured out what bolts I needed and picked those up this morning. I made a new set of lease sticks, which I’m so proud of. Jason helped me wind the warp today (which I had saved from my last semester at school). And now I’m starting the process of threading the heddles. This may sound lame, but I love that part. It’s so nice and soothing. I’ll post some pictures and more swooning over my loom here later tonight.

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