Craft Leftovers Monthly! Seeing Clearly!

DSC_0075 I am happy to say that I reshot all the pictures for the listing of Craft Leftovers Monthly and it looks a millllion times better! And you know what I found (which I knew all along): I don’t really need to worry about taking it during the day, I just need to use A)my tripod & B)proper light settings. I think I was just sick, tired, and not really “lazy” just too exhausted to think straight. I am happy to report that after much napping today I feel a millllllion times better and therefore my pictures and everything else are better!

So without further ado, check out Craft Leftovers Monthly here – so you can really see how neat it is:

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1 Month Full Subscription

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And just to give you a fun preview of what has turned in to Tomorrow’s pattern:


I was going to work really hard to get the pattern written up, but I need to face the facts. I’m working border line 40 hours this week (just like last week), with only one day off. I’m sick. Still. And I’m just not getting better and I think it’s mainly due to the fact I have been getting around 5.5 – 6.25 hours of restless sleep. And I haven’t been eating too great because I haven’t had time to cook. So here is the plan: I’m going to throw some soupy things in the slow cooker, take a shower, and get to bed before midnight. Wake up to some awesome soup smells. Eat breakfast. Then I’ll put the finishing touches on the pattern tomorrow. It should be up by 11am. Perfect! And I already have a plan for tomorrow’s post, so tomorrow late night that will be showing up here on the blog-o too!

edited in: Well I got to the coffee shop (I forgot I had a free coffee coming so I went there instead of the library) and realized I didn’t load the very key progress shots to my computer before getting here! The good news, the pattern is done, I just need to add the progress photos so you can see what the heck I’m talking about when I say “See figure 2”, haha. So it goes. So I will see you tonight when I get home from work (about 8pmish?) Have a good day!

Happy Crafting!