Craft Leftovers ReDress

Redressing the website is for the most part finished up. There are still a lot of buggy little things going on that we are going to work on over the next week or so.


We found that a whole bunch of posts are not being archived correctly and the links are all dead ends so we are going to try to fix that.

I think for one night of work we did awesome.

  • The newest version of wordpress is installed — check!
  • The new template is installed and in working order — check!
  • There are some graphic issues going on that need to be fixed up.
  • And the categories need tweeking as do some of the images.
  • I still want to play with colors.
  • And I want to rework the pattern pages and sub pages a bit.

But I think I should be able to get a lot of work done on it this week before I start teaching again.


Jason and I are beat. It’s time for bed.

See you tomorrow! With the stencil project. I had an epic failure on Friday, but it’s all good now :)

One thought on “Craft Leftovers ReDress

  1. Kristin, this is awesome, I love what you & Jason did with your website. :)

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